Get Your Kids Interested In Fishing (Real Life Guide)

Get Your Kids Interested In Fishing (Real Life Guide)

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How to get your kids interested in fishing which could provide a lifetime of enjoyment for you and your children.

For me fishing always seemed like something I was meant to do and the fact was I have been in or around fishing before I could walk.

It was my grandmother who would take me fishing and I still have pictures of me holding onto a small rod waiting for the next fish to bite.

Now some 40 plus years later and raising my own kids I was faced with the question of how to get my kids interested in fishing.

I would think about this question a lot especially when my son was born.  Will he like to fish?  What if he doesn’t have the passion for this?

These were the thoughts that would run through my head and to be honest it was a little depressing to think he may not be into fishing the way I was.

Keep reading to find out some of things I have done to get my kids interesting in fishing and some easy steps you could follow if you have a little one that you want to introduce into the great sport of angling.

Get your kids interested in fishing by Starting them young. 

Like I said before I could not walk yet and I was introduced to fishing.  I did the same things to both of my kids, my son especially.  Trips to the lake or canal was often and on some of these occasions we didn’t even bring fishing gear.

I remember fishing for Snook in early summer on the west coast of Florida and my son was about 2 years old.  Fishing can be amazing in the passes in some areas and it just happened to be like this during our trip.

I remember putting the rod in his hands while I held on to the rod and coached him on.  The look on his face was priceless.  Even though he really didn’t understand what was happening we could tell he liked it and that was good enough for me at the time.

Keep it short to start

Kids are like puppies they get tired and they loose interest quick and that’s okay.  Just know to keep your outings short at first. You can build up longer fishing days as you go along and your child gets more into it.

Where to fish with your kids

Kids get bored quick, that’s a fact so to get your kids interested in fishing you will want to choose your fishing spots wisely at first.  By fishing smaller ponds it provides an easier way of catching more fish in a quicker time frame.  Get your kids interested in fishing by keeping them interested.

Small lakes and ponds in and around communities are typically stocked with small sunfish and make a great place to start fishing with kids.   Be sure to pay attention to no fishing signs that may be around.

Docks make a great place to fish with kids.  These structures naturally will attract small sunfish and in return will attract larger fish like bass.

Golf courses after hours can make for some great fishing.  Be sure to not walk out on a green during open gold times.  The last thing you need is a golf ball hitting you or your child.  Not to mention, the golfers will not take kind to being in there way of a drive or chip.  Trust me on this one.

What kind of fish to target

Pan fish of any kind is a great starting point to target.    These fish can be plentiful and don’t take to much skill to get to eat.

Fish around structure just like you would for bass.  Weeds, grass, rocks, down trees, docks, stumps, and just about anywhere else that could give protection to a small fish will up your chances in getting your rod bend.

What Kind of bait to use?

The beauty of targeting sunfish of all kinds is that it is a simple process to get the bait you will need in order to target these fish with your kids.


Bread is about the easiest bait you can use.  Simply take some white bread and tear off small pieces and roll them into a ball place on a hook and cast out with a boober.  Remember if you want to get your kids interested in fishing provide them easy situations that will produce bites and fish.

Live Worms

Live worms can be found by digging in a moist area of your yard about  1/2 a foot to a foot deep and overturn the shovel of dirt.  Separate the dirt and look for worms.    Kids love finding worms as much as they do fishing in some cases.  Make this part of the experience, it can work wonders.

If digging up parts of your yard are not an option, most bait and tackle stores in your area should keep a good supply of live worms available.


Live crickets are a great bait for pan fish.  Once again a quick trip to your local bait and tackle store should have what your looking for.

Small beetle spins

Johnson™ Rattlin’ Beetle Spin®

Pan fish and bass love small beetle spins and there easy to use.  For kids, all they have to do is cast out and reel in.

Small jigs

Mister Twister tube bait and jig head

Small tube and curly tail jigs make excellent baits for small pan fish and bass alike.    Once rigged, have your kid toss out the small jig and let it sink down and reel in slow.

As they get better and learn, these small jigs are the fundamental for moving into plastic worm fishing.  Teach them young to let this jig sink and then left the rod and let it fall back down.  This method is still easy for youngsters to learn and it works in catching fish.

What gear should kids start out with?

My kids loved the colorful super hero push button set ups that you can find at most any Walmart.  It comes with a fake fish as a weight that your kids can practice casting around the yard.  Depending how young you start them they probably will view this fishing set up more as a toy then anything else, but that’s OK, this will help to get your kids interested in fishing.

Spincasting or push button set up for little ones

For kids that are between 3 and 5 years of age I would start them with a push button  or spincasting set up.  It is just easier for them to learn on and this will help in getting your kids interested in fishing.

All they need to do is hold the button and release the button to allow the line to come out.  You can pick up one of these rods anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 at most super stores like Target or Walmart.

Spinning reels for kids 5 and up

I started to teach my son how to cast a spinning reel when he was 5.  He already had been using a spincasting reel for a few years and was casting well so his learning curve was quick when teaching him how to use a spinning reel.

Find a combo set up in a spinning reel from any large or small tackle retailer.  Walmart will have them also.  Make sure the reel and rod are light and can fish either 6 or 8 lb test line.  Kids get tired, and having a lighter rod and reel helps.

Use a small bobber and small bait hooks


Kids will find it more exiting if they can watch and see what is happening.  A bobber does this great as is accomplishes two things.  It gives your child the ability to see where there bait is, and second you can explain to them when the bobber moves or goes under they have a bite showing them the first step into determining when a strike happens.

Pack water,snacks, and Sunscreen

Kids get hungry and thirsty, so be sure to pack extra water and snacks for your excursion.  If fishing gets slow, that is OK, use that time to relax, talk to your kids, have a snack.  It’s a great time to bond.

In closing

Teaching your child to fish is much more then showing them how to catch something.  It is exposing them to a lifestyle, a passion for the outdoors.  It is something that could burn inside of them for a lifetime.

Having a passion for fishing is difficult to describe.  It’s something you want to do all the time, and when you’re not doing it, you think about doing it.    It becomes a way of life, a great way of life that should be shared and passed on for generations to come.

You want to get your kids interested in fishing?  I don’t blame you, its been one of the best experiences of my life and I am sure it will be one of yours as well.

About The Author

Anthony Arcodia

A Florida Native, Anthony has been a lifelong fisherman and outdoorsman. As a child, he started fishing lakes around the South Florida area chasing bass which quickly spread to chasing snook and tarpon in the 10 thousand islands. Anthony has passed his love of the outdoors and fishing to his son and both continue to enjoy the great outdoors together while pursuing their passion of fishing.

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