Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout (Catch More Fish)

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout (Catch More Fish)

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Spotted seatrout are a popular fish to catch in many areas, especially Florida.  These fish can school up that allows for non stop action.  Not to mention there pretty good fried up for supper.

Finding these fish on grass flats in South West Florida is not terribly hard and once found you can produce large numbers of fish. You may have asked yourself what are the best rigs for catching spotted seatrout?

With that said there are a few rigs that will out produce others.  Let us take a look at both artificial and live bait rigs that will produce more seatrout for you.

Soft body Shrimp and Jig Head


Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

These shrimp and jig head combos are a staple for catching seatrout.  There motion when poped off the bottom resembles a shirmp that is trying to flee.

Seatrout go nuts for this bait.  These baits can be fished in and around almost any condition.

Fish these baits on grass flats, around docks, in passes and inlets, and on beaches for seatrout.  Typically these baits hit the bottom then are popped up with a quick twitch of the rod tip so the bait jumps off the bottom.  Then let the bait flutter back to the bottom.  Repeat this motion back in.  Strikes will happen on the fall so be ready.

Another method is to slowly drag the bait on the bottom only given it small hops up but really working it slower.  This methods works well on grass flats and beach areas.

Cajun Thunder

The Cajun thunder rig is down right deadly for catching spotted seatrout and is one of the best rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout  The basics of this rig is simple.  There is a float with 3 to 4 feet of leader that is rigged to an artificial shrimp.

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

The float has beads on it that gives off a ticking sound underwater that mimics a shrimp or crab that seatrout eat.  You will want to cast this rig out and let it sit for a few seconds to let your shrimp make it to the bottom.

Then give your rod tip a sharp snap so that you can make the float push throw the water and make a popping sound.   Then let the bait sit again.  Repeat this until you get your rig back to you.   Strikes can happen at any moment with this rig.

Top water baits at sunrise and sunset

Early morning on the flats, or where you know speckled trout live, you should be throwing a top water bait.  You can catch some really large fish in these conditions.  Try using larger baits like the original Zara spook or top dog bait using the walking the dog retrieve.

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

Using baits that push water or making a popping sound will get the attention of trout and they will come to explore.  We have caught some real trophy fish this way early in the morning.

Catch big trout on topwater baits during sunrise and sunset

Paul Browns Soft-Dine Suspending Twitchbait

This bait is made to fish the shallows and is deadly on trout.  This bait will cast a really long way and suspends in the water when stopped.

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

This bait uses a built in reflective foil that produces a great flash underwater.  This bait also has a rattling chamber that attracts trout and other game fish.

Live Shrimp

Live shrimp rigged on a jig head or above a popping cork is a sure fire way to catch trout and is probably one of the best rigs for catching spotted Seatrout.  Rig up a 3 foot long piece of fluorocarbon line and match the size of your hook to the size of the live shrimp you are using.

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

Put a small split shot above your hook to keep your live shrimp down in the strike zone.   Be sure to have a solid number of shrimp on hand because they will go fast if you get into schools of trout.

Live white bait is considered on of the Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout

Pilchards, sardines, Thread-fins, or any other kind of white bait free lined or fished under a float is deadly for trout.  Do not be afraid to hook up a large bait here.  Big Baits equal big trout.    Again match your hook size to the bait you have.

Live Mullet

Live mullet are a known big trout bait and when you can find mullet the trout probably are not to far behind.   Rig these baits the same way you would any white bait.

top live baits to catch snook

Free lined, on a sinker, or under a float.  Again, you want to catch a large trout fish a big bait.  Mullet are hardy and can be kept alive all day.

Live Pinfish

Pinfish are another stable of seatrout.  Pinfish live in the same grass flats as trout do making these baits a top choice for trout anglers.

Best reigs for catching spotted seatrout

Pinfish will have a tendency to hug the bottom or find structure to hide in so fishing these baits on float is a good bet.   If water depth is 4 feet then try and have your line about 3 to 3 1/2 feet below the float.  This can be a very productive method of catching seatrout.

In Closing

These are some of the best rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout.  Remember that if your looking for a trophy trout do not be afraid to throw a large bait.  Fish early and late with top water baits.  There are definitely other methods that work and we want you guys to share them below to help others out.

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