Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass (Catch More Fish)

Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass (Catch More Fish)

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We have put together some of the best lures for laregmouth bass.  These baits are a staple of catching bass and everyone should have a variation of these lures on them at all times when hunting largemouths.

Let’s get started and kick off some of the best artificial baits you should be using on your next bass outing.

Plastic worm are probably the Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass

More largemouth bass have been taken on a Texas Rigged plastic worm then probably any other bait for largemouth bass.

Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass

You should have multiple colors from dark to light.  Keep a few different size worms available also.  Rig these baits with a wide gap worm hook and bullet weight.


Plastic Worm Tips:

  • Keep light and dark color worms in your box.
  • Depending on water color or outside light you will want to throw a light colored worm in light conditions and dark colored worm in overcast or dark conditions.
  • Keep multiple size hooks and weights available to match the size of your worms.
  • Worm your worm slow on the bottom with small hopping motions.


Swimbaits have come along way in terms of look and motion.  Livetarget makes a great swimbait that produces great catches. And is considered to be by some one of the best lures for laregmouth bass

largemouth bass tips

You can run these baits at any depth to hone in on where the bass are on a particular day.   Make sure you have a few swimbaits in different sizes and patterns.


Swimbait tips

  • Always keep a few different colors and patterns available
  • Keep a few different size swimbaits in your box
  • You can worm a swimbait in shallow water by keeping your rod tip high and running your bait a little faster
  • Fish a swimbait deep on the bottom.  This can produce good fish
  • Try and stop and start motion and let you bait fall.  Strikes will happen on the fall so be ready

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are a versatile bait that can be fished at any depth.  This baits come in a variety of sizes, blade combos, and skirt colors.

largemouth bass tips

You can also add a soft plastic trailer to this baits to give them even more action.  Try running these baits deep hugging the bottom at night for great results.


Spinner bait tips

  • Have spinner baits with silver and gold blades
  • Keep spinner baits of multiple sizes on hand and in different colors of light and dark
  • Run spinner baits deep slow rolling them just off the bottom
  • Use rubber trailers for extra action


The jig is a great bait that catches large bass.  These baits are famous for being able to be pitched into tight areas of think weeds and branches where bass take shelter and forage for food.

These baits are meant to fish close to structure and bounced slowly on the bottom feeling the structure as you go.  Fish this in and around fallen wood, brush piles,  Thick grass, standing timber, drop offs, and ledges.

Fish light color jigs on bright days and dark color jigs on overcast days.   These jigs come in many sizes but the 3/8 oz jig is probably the most common.


Jig tips to remember

  • Use a trailer for action action.
  • Fish slow and feel the structure as bites will come right when you bump a log or brush
  • keep light and dark color baits available
  • Use heavier gear when fishing these in think brush or structure

Crank Baits

Crank baits are a must have in your box when fishing for largemouth bass.   These baits are loved by fisherman especially tournament anglers who want a quick bait that they can cover lots of water and find fish.

These baits can run at a multitude of depths depending on the lip, size of bait, and speed of retrieve. Remember to try and work you bait with an erratic retrieve to find what the fish want.  These are one of the Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass fishing when trying to cover a lot of water quickly.


Crank Bait tips to remember

  • Use this baits to cover a lot of water to find fish
  • Have multiple lip designs available for both shallow and deep water baits
  • keep different crank bait patterns available
  • Make sure trebles are sharp when running baits close to the bottom as hooks can become bent or dull

Topwater Lures

Topwater lures can produce some heart stopping hits that you surely wont forget.  Fish this baits early and late in the morning for best results.  Or on overcast days.

best lures for largemouth bass

Fish classic baits like the Zara Spook or Rebel  Pop-R for great results.


Topwater tips to remember

  • Fish topwater baits early and late in the day
  • Fish these lures on overcast days when the light is low
  • Fish the walking dog retrieve
  • Pop your baits and let them sit for a few seconds then pop again


In closing

These are just some of the staple baits any bass angler should have in there tackle box.   Remember to choose colors by the water color and time of day.    Fish these baits at different depths and speeds until you find the right pattern the fish are wanting to eat that day.

There are many other baits that one may consider to be the best lures for laregmouth bass, so please go and share these in our comments section.

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