Author: Anthony Arcodia

Get Your Kids Interested In Fishing (Real Life Guide)

How to get your kids interested in fishing which could provide a lifetime of enjoyment for you and your children. For me fishing always seemed like something I was meant to do and the fact was I have been in or around fishing before I could walk. It was my grandmother who would take me fishing and I still have pictures of me holding onto a small rod waiting for the next fish to bite. Now some 40 plus years later and raising my own kids I was faced with the question of how to get my kids interested in...

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How to Fry Fish (Basic Guide To Fish Frying)

Have questions on how to fry fish?  Your not alone, and your at the right place.  Frying fish isn’t hard it just requires a few steps and you’ll be chowing down in no time. Frying fish is probably one of the most popular ways people consume fish and let’s face it when frying something it typically always taste great.  But there are still some tips you should follow to get your fish to be a show stopper. Let us take a look at these tips to frying a great piece of fish that you and the whole family will...

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Catch Peacock Bass (Tips and Tricks for Success)

Catching Peacock Bass should be on the top of your list if you live or are visiting the south Florida area. Peacock bass are high octane colorful fish that anglers chase year around in the tri county areas. Keep reading to learn about the tips and tricks to catching more peacock bass. Growing up in Miami in the mid 70’s and 80’s I have been lucky enough to catch this non-native species for a long time. We still pursue these fish today and have a blast doing so.  There bright color and ability to pull the drag on light...

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Largemouth Bass Tips (Tricks To Catch More Fish)

Use these largemouth bass tips to learn more about what makes these predators feed, spawn, and thrive in multiple environments. The largemouth bass is probably the most well-known freshwater fish species among anglers today.     I got hooked on bass fishing some 35 years ago and have never stopped pursuing them. Even though I now focus on more saltwater species I always make time to catch this amazing fish. My son actively fishes for largemouth bass in lakes and ponds around the South Florida area just like I did years ago. I have to admit since starting to fish for bass again...

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