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How to catch live bait in freshwater (Tips)

When fishing in freshwater there will be times that you want to use live bait. How to catch live bait in freshwater isn’t that difficult.   We will show you how to go about catching live bait and how to keep it alive for a days of fishing.  You can even keep your live bait alive over night to ensure an early start the next day.  Let’s show you how. Small Hook and line When someone ask me what is the most important aspect on how to catch live bait in freshwater I always go to hook size.  Use small hooks...

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Crappie Fishing Tips (How to catch Crappie)

Crappie are a schooling fish that are native to North America.  These fish are sought after by a lot of  freshwater fisherman for their great table fair and for their ease of catch ability .   Keep reading to learn more about crappie fishing tips, what a crappie is, and how to get catch them. There are two major species of crappie fish Black Crappie Black crappie have darker patterns and black spots.  If your unsure what species of crappie you have you can count dorsal fins.  Black crappie have seven or eight spines where the white crappie posses...

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Redfish fishing tips (How to Catch Redfish)

Learn these redfish fishing tips that will help you put more of these awesome fish into your boat and learn what structure and bait they feed on most. Redfish are a strong fighting fish that can be found from Florida to Massachusetts on the Atlantic Ocean side and from Florida to northern Mexico on the Gulf of Mexico side. These fish are sought after by anglers from all over for their ability to pull a drag and not give up once hooked, hence why some people call them Bulls.   Redfish go by spottail bass, red, red drum, redfish, and...

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Sea Lion Snatches Girl into the Water

Sea Lion Snatches Girl into the Water while a crowd and her family look on in terror. Michael Fujiwara was sitting on a concrete seawall in Richmond British Columbia on Saturday at Steveston Fishserman’s Wharf when the sea lion grabbed Michael and dragged her into the water. Male sea lions can get up to 11 feet in length and weight up to 2500 pounds.  The average weight of an adult male sea lion is about 1,250 pounds.  So, these aren’t small animals by any means.  In fact, there large strong animals that can hurt or kill people rather quick....

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Live Bait for Freshwater Fishing (Top Baits Explained)

Live bait for freshwater fishing can be anything from live minnows to live leeches.  We will explore some of the common live baits that produce and catch fish in freshwater.  Bass to trout feed on live bait so keep reading to find out what these baits are and how to rig them. Live Worms When thinking about live bait for freshwater fishing Live worms are the most common.  Live worms are one of the most used live baits to fish in freshwater.  If you have access to a shovel and a moist place to dig around your yard there...

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