Author: Anthony Arcodia

Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass (Catch More Fish)

We have put together some of the best lures for laregmouth bass.  These baits are a staple of catching bass and everyone should have a variation of these lures on them at all times when hunting largemouths. Let’s get started and kick off some of the best artificial baits you should be using on your next bass outing. Plastic worm are probably the Best Lures for Laregmouth Bass More largemouth bass have been taken on a Texas Rigged plastic worm then probably any other bait for largemouth bass. You should have multiple colors from dark to light.  Keep a...

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Best Rigs for catching Spotted Seatrout (Catch More Fish)

Spotted seatrout are a popular fish to catch in many areas, especially Florida.  These fish can school up that allows for non stop action.  Not to mention there pretty good fried up for supper. Finding these fish on grass flats in South West Florida is not terribly hard and once found you can produce large numbers of fish. You may have asked yourself what are the best rigs for catching spotted seatrout? With that said there are a few rigs that will out produce others.  Let us take a look at both artificial and live bait rigs that will...

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Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook (Get More Bites)

Top artificial baits to catch snook are highly debatable among anglers.  So we have built a list of some of the more popular artificial baits in the categories of hard bodied baits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, and bucktail jigs.   We know there are a lot of artificial baits that you can use to catch snook and these are just some of the baits we consistently catch snook on. Live bait are excellent when fishing for snook but there are times when live bait is not an option so be sure you have some of these baits available when artificial is...

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Top live baits to catch snook (Get More Bites)

Live bait can make a good day of fishing turn great.  Snook of all sizes love to eat live bait and there are some top choices that you should try and add to your live well for maximum success on your next fishing trip.  These baits can be fished live-linned or with sinker rigs with deadly results.   Let’s explore some of the top live baits to catch snook   Mullet Top live baits to catch snook Live mullet are hardy bait fish that can survive in both inshore and offshore conditions.  These baits can be fished both live...

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How to choose the right hook (Selecting The Right Hook)

How to choose the right hook can be a very difficult decision especially for those who have taken a quick look online or at a retail location and have noticed hundreds of different hook style and sizes.   We are going to discuss some of the most basic style of hooks and how to choose the right hook for your situation. J-Hooks, Circle Hooks, And Treble Hooks J-hooks are the most used hooks when it comes to recreational fisherman.  There shaped like a J and come in many sizes and styles.  When fishing with a J-hook and you get a...

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