Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook (Get More Bites)

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook (Get More Bites)

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Top artificial baits to catch snook are highly debatable among anglers.  So we have built a list of some of the more popular artificial baits in the categories of hard bodied baits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, and bucktail jigs.   We know there are a lot of artificial baits that you can use to catch snook and these are just some of the baits we consistently catch snook on.

Live bait are excellent when fishing for snook but there are times when live bait is not an option so be sure you have some of these baits available when artificial is the only thing you have access to.

Hard Bodied Baits


Rapala SXR-10

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

These lures are proven snook baits that can be cast ling distances to cover a lot of water.  They also have great movement that snook love.   These lures create a hard action that cuts fast in the water that resembles a fleeing bait fish.   These baits posses an irresistible rattle sound and are a top artificial baits to catch snook and just about any other gamefish that eats other fish.

When stopped the Rapal’s SXR-10 will suspend.  Depending on what model lure you have they have a maximum diving depth of up to 8 feet.

Yo zuri Crystal minnow

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

Yo zuri has been a staple when it comes to hard body baits for snook.  Yo zuri crystal minnows have an unbelievable flash when running side to side in the water that snook find irresistible.

Not only will snook eat these baits but most any inshore, offshore, and freshwater fish will give them a go.  Try running these baits with a quick jerking motion then pause and rip it again.  You will produce fish on these baits.

MirrOlure MirrOdine Suspending Twitchbait

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

The MirrOlure MirrOdine twitchbait is a deadly bait on snook, redfish, and trout.  These baits suspend making them great to run over oyster bars and other structure where snook like to lay in wait for food.  We also use these on the beach in summer months as they match the hatch of small white bait fish that flood the Florida beaches.

These baits have a depth of about 2 feet when working them. When talking about top artificial baits to catch snook this one should be in your box.

Zara Spook

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

The Zara spook may be one of the most popular top water baits for just about any fish.  From bass to tarpon the zara spook has been putting fish in the air for many years.  The famous walk the dog motion has produced some violent top water strikes from hunger snook.

Swimbaits make are list of Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

Live Target

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

Live target makes some very realistic swimbaits that produce extremely well for snook.   The sardine swimbaits and Mullet swimbaits are top choices to throw for snook.

Matching the hatch has never been easier when you have these two baits in your box.  These baits can be run on top or down deep and are one of the most versatile baits you can fish with.

Spool Tek Baits

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

Spool tek baits are unique as they are built with concealed leader technology that houses a strong piece of braided wire leader that deploys from the swimbait after a strike occurs.  This allows you to fish lighter line directly to the main lure.

Not only does the lure use this unique technology, but the bait itself produces a great swimming motion that snook love.  These baits come in sizes from 4 inches all the way up to 9 inches.

Jerk Baits

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

Jerk baits are a versatile bait that can be fished with a wide gap hook, a single circle hook threw the nose of the bait, or on a weighted head jigged off the bottom.

We fish these baits with great success for snook on the beach and in the backwaters of the everglades.  Rigged properly these baits have a darting motion that snook and other fish find irresistible.

Buck Tails

Flare hawk Jig

Top Artificial Baits to Catch Snook

The Red tail Hawk Flare jig is probably the most famous buck tail for snook.  These jigs in white and red with a trailer are deadly in vertical presentations along inlets, bridges, and other deeper structure that snook like to hold on.

These baits are better fished on larger rods with braid line so you can get a solid hook set in deeper water.

Have the proper artificial baits ready

Snook can be finicky eaters and drive you nuts if you fish for them long enough.  Keep multiple artificial baits available so you switch up your bait and presentation until you narrow down what the snook are interested in eating that particular day.

We want to hear what your top artificial baits for snook are in the comments below.  So fire away.

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